Avoid These 3 Mistakes with Your German Shepherd Puppy

Nick Peychev Jan 20 2018

Cheap dog food

After a long time of observing german shepherds and using trial and error, i have come to the conclusion that quality dog food has a immense effect on your german shepherd puppy. I remember getting my first german shepherd puppy when i was nine years old. I put most of my savings into the little pup, and had little left to spend on dog food. After searching the isles for the biggest bag for the lowest price i finally found what i thought was a great deal. We began to feed the german shepherd puppy with this filler food. Not long after we started seeing the puppy shedding everywhere. Every carpet, every couch, and all our clothes was covered in dog hair. This did not fly well with my mom, and the puppy had to move outside. We were not able to figure out why the puppy was shedding so much until talking to a experienced breeder who recommended we read the ingredients before making a purchase. Looking at the back of the bag, we saw that almost every ingredient was filler food, mainly corn. Very few nutrients were in the supposed beef dog food. Other ill effects came from the cheap food as well. We had a very hard time balancing a good weight in the puppy. If we fed him the recommended amount, the puppy would be way to thin and sickly looking. We upped the food intake and the german shepherd puppy ballooned up to unhealthy levels. When we finally switched over to a premium dog food brand, all of our issues resolved within several weeks!


Not Crate training

I have heard from new clients that they would never crate train there puppy. Their argument was that it was cruel and a disservice to the puppy. At first when you start crate training and the puppy is whining and begging to come out, they may seem right. However in the long run a crate trained puppy and his family will be much happier. When a dog gets used to their crate, this place will become their most comfortable environment. They will feel safe and relaxed when you have guests over and they need to be in the crate for a little while, or when your driving and a crate is the safest spot for them. The safety and familiarity of the crate can make any place feel like home, and the good behavior you taught your puppy at home will travel with you. This is similar to you being able to take your room wherever you go. In my experience dogs that are crate trained end up getting out much more than those that are not. Owners are much more likely to take their puppy camping or on a vacation if they know their puppy will not keep anyone up at night with barking. Crate training also does a huge service to you potty training your puppy. Dogs instinctively want to go to the bathroom as far from their food and bed as possible. A fenced in areas with their food and crate in one corner and pads on the other will help your puppy adjust to going on the pads. So even though at first it may seem like a cruel thing to do, crate training will make your puppy very happy and thankful for their long life with you.


Not Socializing

The importance of socializing cannot be overstated. In my kennel i like to have puppies meet as many people as possible before they depart to their new families. However even a good foundation like this, not socializing your german shepherd puppy may lead to serious problems. A German Shepherd puppy is a naturally pack oriented dog. I have heard people say that they do not want their puppy to meet too many people so that they would protect their family and not be too friendly with everyone. I have found this too be a mistake. When your German shepherd puppy grows up, they will learn who their family is regardless of how many people they meet. If your german shepherd is socialized and well balanced they will protect when need be. However a german shepherd puppy who is not used to playing with kids and other dogs can become a threat to their surroundings and ultimately themselves. I emphasis kids here, children run and yell when playing which can trigger a prey drive in the dog. This is why having your german shepherd puppy interact with kids and learn to love them will lead to a healthy relationship. Avoid future problems by getting out with your dog and meeting as many people as possible.


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  1. Millentew
    Millentew says:

    This is a really good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read article!2

  2. John Watson
    John Watson says:

    This is so true…we have had 5 GSD and under my direction of limitations to other I could only control them. Our new 2 yr old my wife laid down the law and our current GSD is so social!

  3. Smith
    Smith says:

    Yes, I totally agree with these points! I too have a German shepherd dog which I got from zwingervomheidelbergerschloss.com. The dog is very healthy as they used to regularly take him to a veterinarian. He is super energetic with some amazing traits and plays around all day long. But then, because of my carelessness, he felt sick. When I asked the doctor about it, he said that my dog has amazing qualities, yet it needs some care. And these points are exactly what he said!


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